The portrayal of islam in the media after the terrorist attacks

Pakistan's top human rights watchdog on Friday expressed "alarm and disappointment" over a declaration by the Council of Islamic Ideology that DNA tests are not acceptable as primary evidence in determining rape cases. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan described the Council's decision as "regressive" and "unkind to rape victims".

The portrayal of islam in the media after the terrorist attacks

Currently, our nation holds discriminatory attitudes and practices towards many minority communities. A lot of this can derive from ethnic, religious, racial, and gender prejudices that set our nation back.

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Now with the continued War on Terror fight with ISISAmerica sees itself heading in the same direction with negative Islamic attitudes, as well as outrageous political bans. In order for terrorism to cease and Islamophobia to end America the government and the rest of non-Muslim society has to be in more effective community relations with Muslim communities to ensure prosperity, security, and freedom for all is obtainable.

When the Prophet Muhammad brought the inspired scripture known as the Koran to the Arabs in the early 7th century A. However, American society does not tend to see this peaceful side of Islam, but rather mostly sees the skewed version of it from radicals.

There are those in American society who see a correlation between terrorism and Islam, yet they fail to understand the idea that there are people who misinterpret scripture and take it to the extreme.

Some of these extreme radicals who skew the religion of Islam to tailor their need to kill innocent in order to get their point across are considered fundamentalists.

As Armstrong notes, it would be as grave a mistake to see Osama bin Laden as an authentic representative of Islam Armstrong, The religion of Islam is often unfairly presented as hateful and violent, which leads to a lot of prejudice and hatred towards Muslims in America.

Myths & Facts - Human Rights in Israel and the Territories

Currently, Americans are tending towards less favorable views of Islam which has led to a lot of negativity in U. According to the Council on American Islamic Relations, civil rights violations targeting Muslims in the workplace, at religious institutions, and in schools have escalated Zaal, Sadly, many Muslims have overall been looked down upon, and have often been seen as second class citizens.

The media is also a big factor in spreading Islamophobia, that includes spreading fear across the nation. Hundreds of images media portray Arabs as violent and barbaric Zaal, These inaccurate depictions sometimes lead to people taking part in hate crimes against Muslims.

Hate crimes against Arab and Muslim Americans have even increased dramatically in the months and years following September 11, Cavendish, Disha, King, Many of these anti-Islamic attitudes showcases people acting in physical and psychological harm, with many Muslims often in fear for their lives.

In the eyes of many non-Arabs, a relatively large concentration of Arabs or Muslims may trigger fears of terrorism or mass violence Cavendish, etc, Gallup polls have even indicated that almost a quarter of Americans singled out Arabs as being suspicious Cavendish, etc, This suspicion that a lot of Americans have would mean that many would want Muslim Middle-Eastern people to be consistently watched and checked, as if they can never be trusted.

This would mean that Homeland Security officials TSA could have Muslim people step aside, which increases racial profiling and prejudice. The animosity towards Muslim people is a huge problem that creates divides in our society and often discriminates and persecutes people, which leads to frustration on both sides.


Currently, different political leaders are pushing stereotypes forward. Right now we see some political presidential candidates who want to create more barriers for Muslims in our country and around the world.

When these negative labels and stereotypes are compared to the actual radicals of any religion or background who wish to cause harm and destruction, those radicals can actually use the stereotypes to their advantage. When looking at Trumps ban on Muslims entering the U. While Trump assumes that stopping Muslims from entering the U.

The portrayal of islam in the media after the terrorist attacks

If we ban a specific group of people, its very likely that we will see negativity and retaliation brought onto the United States. Even though Trumps plan only calls for banning Muslims who are currently trying to come into the U.

S, it still will lead to a harsh divide lot of problems since many of them are political refugees trying to find safety amidst chaos. If a country America denies them based on fear that terrorists will hide within the refugee populationrefugees would likely have to turn back and be in the midst of danger; which might lead to being brainwashed to join the terrorists cause.

ISIS often gains support by convincing vulnerable youths prone to ideological radicalization that the west is against Islam and the Muslim way of life Salhani, By creating these divides with Muslims in our community and around the world, we ultimately make social barriers which might point these people to going in the direction of radicalism.

Discrimination and prejudice is all too common to the United States. In some ways, when we hear of a terrorist attack, we automatically think of Islamic people who hold the ideology of seeing America being in ruins destroyed.

As non-Muslim American citizens approach this serious topic of terrorism, they often find themselves fuming in negativity towards Muslim communities.

This type of hatred only slows down the process of integration for millions of Muslims who are innocent and believe in American values. Scapegoating Muslims also feeds into the negativity that terrorists groups like ISIS preach, which could ultimately make them stronger if Islamophobia persists.Online Exclusives Archive () “The Palestinian Authority held a free, democratic election in ” “Israel is building the security fence as part of a land grab to control the West Bank and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.”.

Negative Portrayals of Muslims Get More Media media. After the terrorist attacks of reports about Islam. "When we look at the media we have the. Since the terrorist attacks on the United States, covering the type of violence inspired by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State (IS) has become a staple of the news media’s repertoire.

We found that most studies investigated the themes of ‘migration’, ‘terrorism’, and ‘war’. Moreover, our meta-study shows that Muslims tend to be negatively framed, while Islam is dominantly portrayed as a violent religion. Implications of these findings are discussed.

At the siege of Vienna in Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war. ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Caliphate [Anne Speckhard, Ahmet S Yayla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The authors hadn't intended to put themselves in danger but that's what happened as they interviewed an unprecedented thirty-two battle-hardened defectors about the gritty details of life inside ISIS.

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