Spirulina business plan

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Spirulina business plan

We do not use any herbicides or pesticides while growing Spirulina. Our product grows in pure pollution free ponds, and are fed only top quality nutrients in crystal clear mineral water.

The most important part of this proposal was to apply for the import permit of the Spirulina live culture from Taiwan under Darwin Aquaculture Centre assistance.

The construction and land development plan began and the first testing bore to ensure water quality and the first building was finished, which included labs and a warehouse.

The Superior Green Food: Chlorella and Spirulina Powder - Primal Edge Health

On site small research and experiments were carried out and a small scale of pilot ponds and growing facilities were set up. At this stage the mission was to find the best formula and other growing factors to suit the local conditions.

A company board meeting made the decision to bring the project into commercial production and to start expanding the facilities into commercial scale.

All the equipment imported from overseas was assembled and we started the small scale commercial pilot to ensure the system would work as well as originally expected.

A small volume of the trial product was successfully yielded from the growing facility. The trial sample was sent to several individual Labs, and all the results collected from all of the labs confirmed the product met high standard requirements.

A Growing patent application was submitted to IP Australia. The first year trial produced about 4 tonnes of Spirulina powder which was exported to Taiwan before the end of The goal for this stage was to try to get more data to accurately work out the real running costs, fertilizer consumption rate, exchange rate for product yield, labor costs, gas and electricity costs etc.

The production for year was about 20 tonnes of dried powder. To increase the products value the company began planning to set up a tablet making plant on site, and try to turn the powder into tablet form and package them on site. Due to production costs being higher than Asian countries such as China, India and Thailand, the company here had to concentrate on higher quality and value of the product and market.

Working with other Science based research organisations for human medical purposes, we provided special samples for research and achieved some milestone progress. We believe we can create another high addition value market in the future if human tests are completed.

We received 20 years of Australia Patent application grant from the Australia Government.

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We will apply for a world patent in the near future. The trial tableting system is successful. The company product's Logo been design and registered. The products is ready to launch to the market.Nov 22,  · Spirulina is, in fact, a spiral-shaped blue-green microalga that is native to the alkaline lakes of Africa and Mexico.

Today it is a generic name used for the phenomenal food with unmatched nutritional benefits. Chlorella vs Spirulina.

Chlorella is a type of green and spriulina is a type of blue green algae.

spirulina business plan

The main difference between the two is that chlorella has an indigestible cellulose wall. Metronic Shop UI description.

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Cultivation of Spirulina is an Open Technology. We have had Business Clients who are the Biggest Spirulina producers in India on a commercial scale but due to cheap supply and lack of regulation, Market Prices are Fluctuating a Lot and in the end the Investment in Spirulina may not be profitable in .

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