Qnet business plan ppt example

This revenue stream, however, is also the least statistically probable source of remuneration to a salesperson. Conversely, the revenue stream from direct-sales of ones own personal sales is the least profitable. This revenue stream, however, is also statistically the most likely source of remuneration to salespeople. For the overwhelming majority of participants, however, neither one of these two revenue streams will be profitable after operating expenses are deducted.

Qnet business plan ppt example

I decided to pen down my experience with a direct selling marketing company called Qnet. The experience is less about Qnet as a company and more about the Qnet representatives in India who call themselves as IRs i.

Before that just to make you aware of what happened to me after I joined and left Qnet.

qnet business plan ppt example

I barely make ends meet and had to ask my wife money at the end of every month since I pay half of my salary in EMIs. You know what, out of 10 people you got in the business 8 ended up being in the position I am today.

Are you still proud of doing what you are doing as part of Qnet. I know your are!! Rusty Clark My Journey Starts in the Qnet Scam I had left my previous company around 3 years back and moved to my current location in a new company.

When I moved to my current city I heard from someone that one of roommates from previous city had gotten into some kind of business. To be frank it bothered me least what X was up to.

After some time I started getting calls from X. It felt good to talk to old friend. He would say that he had started some business and was busy establishing the same. I never asked X about the details as I was not much interested. X as well would never get into the details of his business.

I would get calls from him every month. Anyways, coming back to the point. He said that he was planning to buy one. We all in the group were really impressed and appreciated him, for we thought that he was earning good money from his new business.

I even messaged him personally that he should go for Fat Bob model. I would still keep getting calls from him and we would have more or less similar conversations about him enjoying his new business and there is nothing good in doing just a regular job. Then one day I saw him posting pictures himself in Dubai.

This time it caught my attention and I got a little curious as to what exactly he is up to. But again I was so busy with my new job that I would never get time to ask him about his business. One day I got a call from ISD number.

It was a Malaysia number. It was from X. This time he was calling from Malaysia. He said he was on a business trip to Malaysia and right now was enjoying on some island with his business partners.

All these activities of X was making me a little curious about what this business is all about. Days passed and one day he called me saying that there is an open position in my city in his business and he wants me to start working together with him from my city.

I rejected the idea saying that I am already into a online marketing project and am not interested into getting into any other venture. I was actually working on creating a blog that time. My new job was quite tough and caused frustration at times just like any other job.

I was already into my online project trying to make some extra earning. One day I got a call from X saying that there is a open position in my city in his business and he wants me to work with him.

The conversation went some thing like this. I have added the conversation in English as well for non hindi speaking readers. Yes, you told me X — to usme ek open position hai tere city meopportunity badi hai aur position bhot critical hai.

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Saath me kaam karna hai aur aage badhna hai. Mai tera naam de raha aur uske liye mujhe tere kuch details chahiye jaise name ,pan card etc aur ye bata account me kitne paise hai abhi.

There is one open position in your city. Its a big opportunity and position is critical. We will grow together.Today, I want to teach you how to follow up with your network marketing prospects. You’ve probably heard that the money is in the follow up. It’s true. Other than generating leads, following up with your leads after you’ve introducedContinue reading How to Follow Up with Network Marketing Prospects.

Multi-level marketing (MLM), According to a report that studied the business models of MLMs, through a multi-level marketing compensation plan, which is based upon the volume of products sold through their own sales efforts as well as that of their downline organization.

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Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary.

qnet business plan ppt example
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