Positioning the new beetle

Hire Writer The baby-boomers segment is constituted by former Beetle users, who are now older and enjoy larger cars like SUB, however the New Beetle brings back several good memories which induce the desire to be back in those youth days creating nostalgic feelings that can e translated into sales. The to year-olds segment is composed by young and adventurous people, who enjoy an active driving experience, who want to be challenged and defy rules.

Positioning the new beetle

Positioning Strategies for the New Beetle

What positioning alternatives were available to Liz Vanzura and her team? What were the advantages and disadvantages of each? This includes a very diverse group of people, but their research also showed that potential drivers shared some common characteristics like confidence, individualism and a desire to be the center of attention.

This means that there are two primary positioning strategies available to Vanzura and her team. The New Beetle target market encompasses young peoplewho are single or married without children, who having unique and active lifestyles.

Target the Baby Boomers: They have a strong emotional connection with the previous Beetle. The advertising costs are generally lower with the print medium than TV, so the agencies can advertise more effectively and with higher frequency.

Consumer trends among the Baby Boomers reveal change in preference to larger cars, such as sedans, SUVs, and pick-ups. Target both Gen-X and Baby Boomers: This has the potential to bring in a lot more new customers.

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This would imply increased advertising costs which are already stretched thin. A mind map of Volkswagen brand would look like this: Occasional quality problems Reliable, dependablebuilt in Mexico some cars Good craftsmanship, build quality.

High repair costs Economical transport with style, individuality. Fun to Drive, great handling. Sophisticated technology Attractive styling. Connects with women and younger people Nostalgia of the old Beetle Q3. In your opinion, what positioning did Vanzura and her team select?

Write out the formal positioning statement that you believe they selected. A formal positioning statement appropriate to this targeting would be:That a new concept – identity – has emerged in the field of management, already well versed in brand image and positioning, is really no great surprise.

Today’s problems are more complex than those of 10 or 20 years ago and so there is now a need for more refined . Positioning it as a mid-range style-conscious nostalgia model was okay for the first generation, but the Beetle’s place is really at the bottom of the lineup, where it can be a true Peoples’ Car.

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The New Beetle Essay. Critical Issues / Background Data: Volkswagen’s challenge is to launch the “New Beetle” with a smaller than typical budget, identify target market segments, and determine the unique value proposition and positioning of the “New Beetle” with effective pricing in the small car category to determine the most effective strategy for the market launch - The New.

Positioning the new beetle

Volkswagen has an ad called "Be Happy" to show off the new beetle convertible. This ad is placed on billboards, in magazines, on posters found in music stores, . The cam position sensor is critical to the proper functioning of the engine management system in its timing of engine events.

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