One in a million essay

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One in a million essay

Explore human lineage through time: A succession of spectacular discoveries, including a knee joint, the famous Lucy skeleton, and the remains of a family group, ensured that Au, afarensis would come to occupy a prominent place on the hominin family tree.

In addition to the impressive finds located by Johanson and his international team of scientists, further amazing discoveries were uncovered by Mary Leakey and her team, four years later and far to the south of Ethiopia, at the site of Laetoli, on the edge of the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania.

Amongst the animal footprints were some 70 footprints of hominins, captured as they walked bipedally across a wet, muddy plain. The remains from all sites attributed to Au.

This is a long time span, indicating that this taxon was a successful species of hominin, persisting for almost a million years.

Paleoanthropologists working One in a million essay Ethiopia and Tanzania over the last 40 years have recovered almost specimens of Au. These specimens have been invaluable for telling us about the differences between males and females, and for giving insight into how Au.

Some of this information is coming from a spectacular recent discovery from Dikika in Ethiopia, across the river from Hadar: The skull of Au.

Brain size estimates range from cc, which is somewhat larger than the average contemporary chimpanzee. The jaw muscles were quite large, as evidenced by the large crests on the skull.

The degree of difference between males and females is similar to what is seen in African apes. There is a wealth of postcranial bones belonging to this species, including the partial skeleton of Lucy, officially designated AL The Laetoli footprints, the shape of the pelvis, the curvature of the vertebral column, and the anatomy of the knee all indicate Au.

However, there are many differences in anatomy between this taxon and modern humans, which have led some paleoanthropologists to argue that Au. These differences include proportionally short legs and longer arms, long, curved finger and toe bones, and subtle differences in the bones of the hip.

The earliest stone tools were found at a site called Gona in Ethiopia in Radiometric dating gave an age of 2. Thirty and more years before, stone tools had been discovered at Olduvai Gorge where remains of several species of Australopithecus and Homo,dated to around two million years ago, were plentiful.

Whether a late australopithecine or an early Homo made these tools could not be stated with certainty but researchers have generally assumed the slightly larger brain size of early Homo placed the maker in that lineage rather than the slightly smaller brained Australopithecus.

These assumptions have been challenged by the discovery in of two small pieces of bone airing striations made by stone. One bone was from an antelope sized animal and the other from a bovid the size of a modern cow. Australopithecus afarensis is the only hominin taxon known to be present in this area between four and three million years ago and these bone markings would seem to settle the argument as to who was the first user of stone tools.

One in a million essay

It is important to keep in mind the distinction between making and using stone tools. No stones fashioned during this period for use as implements have been found at Dikika or Hadar. The most likely explanation is whoever was defleshing these bones used a naturally shaped stone lying nearby and it cannot be said with certainty that Australopithecus afarensis were fashioning stone for particular uses more than three million years ago.

One in a million essay

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