Nursing essay pain management

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Nursing essay pain management

Nursing essay pain management

Studying the effectiveness of psychotherapy: How well can clinical trials do the job? American Psychologist, 51 10 Authors emphasized that pain sufferers should not limit themselves to one approach, but should rather seek to identify a broad range of therapies that may result in appreciable gains for the healthcare consumer.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Authors emphasized the continuing risk of unnecessary or undermanaged pain because of an inadequate knowledge base, underdeveloped assessment procedures, and inadequate pain management.

Contemporary special education research: Syntheses of the knowledge base on critical instructional issues. Authors noted that the introduced of computer-assisted statistical analytical tools has contributed greatly to the conduct of meta-analyses in recent years. Under the medical gaze: Facts…… [Read More] The second leg of triangulated methodology will consist of a meta-analysis of recent clinical studies involving the use of natural healing methodologies in general and their use in pain management regimens in particular.

This approach is congruent with Gersten, Schiller and Vaughnwho advise that, "The meta-analyst is seeking to determine whether a particular finding is robust across different sets of assumptions. If the answer is 'yes,' then greater confidence can be placed in the conclusion. The specific techniques used in any meta-analysis will differ somewhat depending on the characteristics of the data set and the questions asked by the research synthesist" p.

The final leg of the triangulated methodology will consist of a convenience sample online survey of pain sufferers to determine their use of natural healing methodologies for pain management purposes, and to assess their level of awareness and education concerning their alternative approaches.

This research methodology is congruent with a number of social researchers who recommend triangulation to garner as much insight and background into an issue under investigation as possible Jonasssen, This first part of the survey will collect various demographic data from the pain suffering respondents such as medical condition and length of time the pain has been experienced.

The second part of the survey will consist of a series of Likert-scaled questions ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree" concerning various alternative medicine approaches to pain management.


The final section of the survey will consist of an open-ended comment section where respondents will be requested to provide their personal experiences, insights and views concerning mainstream medicine and natural healing methodologies as they pertain to pain management regimens.

The results of the proposed study can be used to provide a best practices guide for both mainstream clinicians as well as healthcare consumers concerning alternative approaches to pain management today.

The conclusions of the study will be presented in the concluding chapter, together with a summary of the findings and recommendations for healthcare consumers and mainstream healthcare providers.a position statement from the American Society of Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN) was published (Herr et al., ) to provide nurses with clinical recommendations for the assessment of pain in non- verbal client populations.

The success or failure of pain management largely depends on factors that influence the health professionals’ practical care for patients with post-operative pain. The findings of this study will provide insights into the factors that affect the management of postoperative pain from a .

Reflective nursing essay on pain

Nursing Care Plan for Pain Management Assessment Assessment of pain that a patient is experiencing is the first step to addressing the problem and planning strategies to manage it. Pain Management Essay - Pain management There are many analgesic drugs.

Among those the oxycodone is the most pain reliever of opioid analgesic drug. Oxycodone is classified as schedule II controlled substance. It is commonly combined in tablets . Pain management involves understanding the pharmacological issues, and management issues surrounding opioid drugs used for pain control.

The identification of (a) nursing diagnosis, (b) implementation, and (c) education are essential in keeping the patient and family comfortable and at . Nursing Essay: Pain Management. - Introduction This essay will aim to look at the main principles of cancer pain management on an acute medical ward in a hospital setting.

My rational for choosing to look at this is to expend my knowledge of the chosen area.

Reflective Nursing Essay On Pain