India problems essay

By Pawan Srivastav What is Inflation?

India problems essay

We just gave you an opening and closing paragraph for speech. So, shall we start? India was recognized for its agriculture industry for a long time but agriculture is losing its importance in modern India.

Cotton, Sugar, Rice, wheat are one the mostly exported crops from India. At present India is producing a good India problems essay of grains, rice, wheat vegetables to complete Indian population need.

Agriculture and related industry support a big chunk of Indian GDP, but still, there are a lot of problems present in the Indian agriculture industry. Urban Migration Millions of farmers leaving farming and villages in search of better opportunities in cities.

But, unfortunately, they end up in contractors trap. They hardly left with any money to send back to home. There is a solution to this problem, the government needs to create rural jobs, promote processed food industry; On other hand, farmers need to upgrade their skills. There is dire need of change in the thinking of farmers and their children.

The government should focus on rural youth, they need to teach new farming techniques and skills.

India problems essay

The government needs to promote processed food industry and encourage rural entrepreneurship. Once this young blood understands the power of agriculture and if they see a ray of hope they will stay back and earn good form farming.

The government also need to cut-off various stages of middle men who exploit poor, hardworking farmers. When rural people find that government is thinking about them, it will encourage them to stay back, fight the battle.

Farmer Suicide This is one of biggest threat and problem in Indian agriculture. A lot of farmers from affluent states like Maharashtra etc committing suicide.

The main reason for suicide is debt, they are not able to pay back their agriculture loan, and it gets piled up season after season. In JuneMaharashtra farmers gone on strike, they appealed for loan waiver.

Within few days this campaign spread to other Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan etc.

Ultimately, Maharashtra government agreed to waive off agriculture loan. But this strike spiked the price for more than a week. Politicians use problems of poor farmers to play their shrewd political games. Only farmers burn their fingers in all this.

Farmers need to understand these political games, they should try not to be a puppet of political parties. Waiving off the loans is not the solution to this farmer suicide problem, but can be a short term relief to farmers.

There should be an equal contribution from state government and farmers.

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Farmers need to learn to manage finances, they should learn to take advantages of various schemes. Along with money, farmers need to diversify their hard work. They need to find the smart ways to do things. Along with farming, they should look for processed food products making options, e.

Sun dried tomatoes and vegetables. As per climate suitability, they can go for expensive crops like red, yellow capsicum, mushroom, strawberries and other expensive fruits, flower crops. They can also take options like fish farming, land locked states should promote fish farming, local fresh produce can get a good price.

Soil test one more good initiative started by Modi government, farmers need to take advantage of it. Most of the time Indian farmer take one type of crop only.India is a fastest developing country in the world. India, with its diversified culture, civilization, natural resources, technology and huge skilled human resources, is also a fastest growing economy in the world.

But at the same time there are several problems plaquing our Modern India which is affecting the growth and development. Issues and Problems faced by Women in India Essay 4 ( words) In the ancient Indian society women were adored and worshiped as goddesses.

However in the middle age, the status of women got down to a . Learning Team Ch.4 6 Textbook Problems includes: Chapter 4: Problem Transaction 1 Transaction 2 Transaction 3 Transaction 4 Transaction 5 Chapter 6: Continuing Problems One to Four Business - Accounting Prepare written answers to the following problems from Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting: Ch Problem 4 .

The Overpopulation Problem in India Words Jan 31st, 2 Pages It has been happening in India for many years and if it continues to go up at this rate it will become a very bad situation for everyone living there and will become a world problem.

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Women’s problems however backdated it sounds remains one of the most unfortunate realities of our times/5(5). The gender problem in India emerged after the seventies. We have in our country a large number of feminists who have advocated the up- liftment of women including those residing in rural India.

These feminists belong to different disciplines and walks of life, especially so-cial activities.

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