Ikemefuna relationship to okonkwo is like

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Ikemefuna relationship to okonkwo is like

Chapters 7—8 Okonkwo disobeys the authority and advice of a clan elder in killing Ikemefuna. His actions are too close to killing a kinsman, which is a grave sin in Igbo culture.

Okonkwo is so afraid of looking weak that he is willing to come close to violating tribal law in order to prove otherwise.

No one would have thought that Okonkwo was weak if he had stayed in the village. Nwoye shows promise because he voices chauvinist opinions, but his comments are really aimed at Okonkwo. Obierika, too, frequently questions tradition.

In fact, Obierika refused to accompany the other men to kill Ikemefuna, and Okonkwo points out that Obierika seems to question the Oracle. We understand that, in Umuofia, manhood does not require the denigration of women.

Like Nwoye, Ikemefuna is not close to his biological father. Rather, his primary emotional attachments to his natal village are to his mother and little sister. Although he is not misogynistic like Okonkwo, Ikemefuna is the perfect clansman. Okonkwo and Ikemefuna love one another as father and son, and Ikemefuna is a good older brother to Nwoye.

Most important, he is protective rather than critical. He does not allow Nwoye and his brothers to tell their mother that Obiageli broke her water pot when she was showing off—he does not want her to be punished.

Ikemefuna illustrates that manliness does not preclude gentleness and affection. Although he denigrates his emotional attachment to Ikemefuna, he seeks comfort in his affectionate friendship with Obierika. Ezinma is likewise a source of great comfort to him.

Because she understands him, she does not address his sorrow directly; rather, she urges him to eat.Whenever Okonkwo feels uncomfortable it drives him to anger, just as how his shame at the mockery of his father made him angry when young.

And when he is angry he loses control and gets violent. Things Fall Apart Questions and Answers - Discover the pfmlures.com community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Things Fall Apart. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does.

Ikemefuna - A boy given to Okonkwo by a neighboring pfmlures.comuna lives in the hut of Okonkwo’s first wife and quickly becomes popular with Okonkwo’s children.

He develops an especially close relationship with Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest son, who looks up to him. Okonkwo grows up not wanting to be anything like his father and so explains why Okonkwo adopts a harsh approach in all situations.

Unoka is an example of a complete failure as he is always in huge debts and leaves his son with nothing to live on.

Ikemefuna relationship to okonkwo is like

Nwoye is Okonkwo’s eldest son who Okonkwo considers irredeemably effeminate and very much like his father, Unoka. As a child, Nwoye is the frequent object of his father’s criticism and remains emotionally unfulfilled.

Eventually, Ikemefuna comes to fill that void and Nwoye, in his adoration of his adoptive brother, begins to emulate him.

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