Handwriting analysis writing above the line

Amanda McLeod About this talk: Amanda McLeod gives tips to parents who want to help support their children with handwriting at home, covering lighting, sitting position, pencil position, paper position, and an overview of the common errors that can be found in writing.

Handwriting analysis writing above the line

Tell the gender of the writer Tell if the writer is left handed or right handed most are surprised at this Tell the age of the writer Everything else is open to interpretation. With the right letters and enough writing, I can tell everything from your social aptitude, intelligence level, sexual satisfaction, and often which ankle has an injury.

What part of the handwriting does one look at when determining the issues of the writer, as I did for the man at the dinner party?

There are 6 different slants and each slant is measured from the base of the line up to the point at the top of the letter. Each slant has its own meaning.

Are you an introvert, an extrovert or somewhere in-between? Just the slant can tell if a person would make a wonderful actor, if they prefer reading books to attending parties, or if they are the expressive partner in a relationship or one who keeps his or her feelings inside.

The slant tells how we emotionally express ourselves. If one word has multiple slants in it, and that happens very frequently in the handwriting as a whole, this person is, at the very least, extremely moody.

This information is a little more complex and is covered in more advanced studies of handwriting analysis, but, I'll give you a brief overview.

For example, in this card I got from a friend many years ago, look at the circled words. The word "room" has basically left off the letter "m," leaving only a squiggly line. The word "me," which is circled, has the 2nd half of the hump of the "m" cut short and goes right into the letter "e" without finishing the letter "m"; and on the word "Hope" Notice in the signature, "Betsy," the letter "e" is non-distinguishable and the letter "y" is only half formed.

And in case you didn't know it already, anything showing up in the signature of a person, carries 5 times the weight of importance of the rest of the body of the handwriting.

Betsy, as it turns out, had a serious eating disorder. Never have I ever known handwriting to lie. We may choose to look in another direction, but handwriting always tells the truth. In advanced classes of graphology, the student learns to "layer" other traits which support original findings.

For example, in the word, "room" the o's have been looped around more than once, indicating this person has gone "round and round" on an issue; and, the word ends up with the "m" not only indicating trauma, but also turning into a caution stroke.

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Caution strokes are ending strokes that are a straight line, usually at the end of the word, not as the last letter of the word. Take, for example, the word "love. If you are dating someone and they sign their name love "so and so," and they make an ending stroke like this, you have my personal guarantee, this person is extremely cautious when it comes to love.

Which brings up another point; paying close attention to which word a particular trait shows up in, can also give a lot of information about that person. Another indication of possible trauma is when a person's handwriting is very shaky, almost as if they were writing while an earthquake tremor was happening.

It is parallel to the feeling that an emotional earthquake hit their life. Notice in this example it not only has the shaky writing, but notice the word "traumatic. For the advanced studier of handwriting analysis, you will begin to "layer" the traits for deeper conclusions. As mentioned, the indications for trauma are slightly more complex to discern; but with advanced study and a trained eye, the writing is on the wall.

Once you master this science, you will also see deep dark secrets that others try to hide. I noticed he had very profound i's and i dots. His i dots were placed perfectly, directly and very close to the top of the letter i.

Not randomly dotted, as in the examples given here: I told him that he had an incredible memory and asked him to confirm if he had a photographic memory.

He was blown away and said he will often talk to his mom on the phone and she will exclaim, "HOW is it possible that you can remember that?

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You were less than 2 years old at the time? Please stay tuned to next month's article to see what handwriting reveals.

Now, let me give you some examples to see how important line spacing is in handwriting analysis. You'll get a much better idea of how handwriting analysis establishes the writer's complete profile based on this line spacing attribute. Writing Way Above The Line Writer doesn't want to . handwriting analysis, graphology, personality assessment, character traits, behavior CAUTIOUS alertness to potential trouble -LONG FORWARD HORIZONTAL LINE FINAL ABOVE OR ON BASELINE CAUTIOUS, CHRONIC habitual alertness to potential trouble -LONG FORWARD HORIZONTAL WORD FINAL ABOVE OR ON BASELINE CONCENTRATION focuses attention on one. Nov 18,  · The handwriting at the top has a deep slant to the right, while the bottom handwriting doesn't slant. Baseline Habits is where the writer tends to write. It could be above the line, below the line, or on the line.

And, in the meantime don't forget to cross your t's and dot your i's" Kathi McKnight is a freelance writer and certified master Graphologist. For more information, please visit her website, www.

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Comment or post questions about this story at the Handwriting University f r e e bulletin board:Your complete handwriting analysis resource: free handwriting analysis trait dictionary, It may begin normally, resting on top of the line, but, as the words make their way across the page they go little by little below the line.

If written on unlined paper, the overall look will still be the same. very probably with a shaking hand. A. Handwriting analysis (also known as graphology) can even be used for detecting lies and revealing possible health ailments.

Check out the infographic below to learn what your handwriting says about you. Practical Advice to Help Improve Handwriting.

Writing should be sitting on the line. All trunk letters should be at the same height. Ascenders (b,d,f,h,k,l,t) and descenders (f,g,j,p,q,y) should go to the correct height. Ascenders should rise above the trunk line. Descenders should descend below the trunk line to the correct depth.

In handwriting analysis, one should look for similarities in the shapes, styles, alignment, and try to write your signature exactly as you did in the 5th sample, above. _____ Ask your lab partner to write your signature exactly detect handwriting, even when the writing has been obliterated.

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For example, using infrared film. Then, highlight the bottom handwriting line on his blank paper before he writes to show him where his baseline should be.

-Try handwriting paper with raised lines or sticking Wikki Stix to the baseline of the handwriting paper to give kids a tactile cue to bump into with their pencils.

A Gallery of Curious Characters. You will find most of the following indicators in the sample above.

handwriting analysis writing above the line

Some small angles especially in the middle zone – aggression or defensiveness. Sharp spikes in upper and middle zone – more aggression or defensiveness Teach yourself handwriting analysis. Now you can learn Handwriting Analysis with.

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