Gay marriage should be legal term paper

Then, why did they pass the Defense of Marriage Act? The Defense of Marriage Act prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages; in my opinion this act is unjust and immoral because it restricts the rights of gay and lesbian citizens. Many of the reasons offered for opposing gay marriage are based on the assumption that gays have a choice in who they can feel attracted to, and the reality is very different. Many people actually believe that gays could simply choose to be heterosexual if they wished.

Gay marriage should be legal term paper

A family may be expressed as a part of co-dependent and cooperating persons, connected together over time by strong social and emotional bonds. Its central purpose is to support the social, mental, physical, emotional development, and well being of each of its members. Same-sex couples form the same kind of family structures.

It is now time to support same-sex relationships in the same way opposite-sex relationships are supported therefore by allowing the opportunity of legal marriage. Some religious groups have now elbowed their way into legislative debates and also into court cases, this is really not a religious matter.

Legal marriage for anyone, whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, is a matter of civil law, a contract that uses legal commitments and benefits for a couple. Religious bodies instead offer ceremonial services, which do not, and should never, hold the power of law. Marriage is a symbol of social maturity.

Legal marriage was before denied, as a means of social control, to black people in the early years of the United States. It was also applied to reject the humanity of an entire class of people. Interracial marriage was illegal in 13 U.

This is why the objection against same-sex marriage seems the same to those used against black people; for instance, the idea that allowing marriage would somehow weaken the institution of marriage. To deny the right to marriage is to keep lesbian and gay families in a permanent position of childishness, one being subject to the whims and rules of the "parental" state law.

This denial refuses to recognize the authenticity of a same-sex household as a valid family. No matter how long the relationship, nor how deep the commitments, as long as same-sex couples are unable to marry, they are considered legal strangers.

This means they have practically no standing in the eyes of the law. The penalty for these couples are varied and significant. For instance, even with a power of attorney form, or other legal documents, partners have been denied access to each other in favor of blood relatives in hospitals and at funerals.

Besides domestic partner benefits, there are discounted club and other memberships offered to married couples. Also theses documents require to be updated every few years. Married people may also want to prepare these documents; but unmarried couples must have them to protect the legal standing of their relationship as best they can.

Legal marriage is designed to protect intimacy in the relationship. It does this through the rights of visitation, medical decision-making, survivorship, child custody, redress for wrongful death, etc. Marriage partners have priority over other next-of-kin concerning the disposition of property, funeral rites and body remains.

Married couples cannot be compelled to testify against each other in court. States recognize that the possibility of being called to testify can impair the intimacy of the relationship. This right allows marriage partners to be trusted confidants. Of course, unmarried same-sex partners can be forced to testify againstGays and lesbians can also be granted the rights to legal marriage in order to ensure that all citizens enjoy full human rights.

Therefore, if gay marriage is legalized they can have the same rights as heterosexuals in terms of adoption and medical rights (Lopez 46). The legal definition of marriage: Why rely on the Bible?


The most fundamental issue when addressing same-sex marriage is the definition of marriage itself. A universally accepted definition has yet to be established because marriage is a delicate entanglement of personal intimacy and public declaration.4/5(12).

Gay marriage should be legal term paper

Same-sex marriage should be legalized to create equality and eliminate the injustice involving same-sex couples. Lauren Altergott. Woolley. Research paper. Outline. I. Introduction. II. Thesis. a. Marriage is a basic human right for every individual. Same sex marriage should be legalized in Illinois.

Legal marriage for anyone, whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, is a matter of civil law, a contract that uses legal commitments and benefits for a couple. Religious bodies instead offer ceremonial services, which do not, and should never, hold the power of law.4/4(1).

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