Essays on fashion in the 1960s

Even when the lyrics of songs were not overtly directed towards the description of social conditions and a call to improve them, as was so characteristic of the folk music of the s and s, music was, and always has been, shaped by the conditions of the larger panorama of the socio-cultural moment. This music was thus a response to the dominant concerns of the day and also a reaction that would shape the way people thought and responded to their society.

Essays on fashion in the 1960s

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access s Fashion and its Influence to the 21st Century Essay Sample s are considered to be the transitional period when the industry blossomed.

The trends were first set in this decade from where the fashion became a resourceful industry. This decade saw many different tendencies which mirrored various social movements. Mini skirt might be considered as the best innovative fashion that started the s.

The mini skirt design was put forward by Mary Quant who was a fashion designer. Mini skirt also considered to be the sign of liberation. The social movement ran due to mini skirt allowed the women to feel liberal and they could walk beside men. The mini skirt fashion never ended here.

It continued to grow with some renovations in its structure. This length allowed women to dance on floor with ease and comfort. In 21st century we still see that the mini skirts are still around. There sizes have gone smaller and the glamorous look it gives has grown to even more.

Mini skirts are still very common in these contemporary times and women still feel the same liberation and modernism in them as they felt in the start of the fashion as a social movement.

The hippie cultural was another invention of s. It was basically the social movement of the youth of that time when the young people moved into an area of San Francisco. Lately, it was all over America. The hippies were those who wanted to explore the life. They listen to psychedelic rock and also welcomed the sexual revolution.

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Also they used drugs so that they can experience various states of consciousness. Still in 21st century the hippie cultural is present and the people feel happy to be a part of this social freedom of youngster.

It might not have been possible without this that youth should have felt more proud and liberal. Bell Bottom jeans might be the invention of s, but it became a fashion in s and then made it way to the 21st century.

Bell Bottom is a jeans trouser that on the way down widens at the knees and continues till the end. It became the part of the hippie counterculture in s with the addition of the granny glasses. The fashionable youth saw a positive change in its attitude with the counterculture of hippies and the bell bottom trousers.

Bell Bottom had different blends in it.

Essays on fashion in the 1960s

The bell bottom style grew in popularity and style. Flare leg style was then used to market the bell bottom and it spread in the Europe and all around the world. Today in the 21st century it is still considered to be as a sign of person who is in touch with the fashion industry.

Tie Dyeing also started in s as a fashion counterculture with the hippie culture. This was the cotton clothing dyed by a resist dying process which gave rise to this form. The modern form of tie dyeing in 21st century has seen various modern methods of dyeing with difference in process and the material by which they are dyed.

Nehru jacket also got appraisal but for a very short period in late s when Beatles used it in their live performances. Nehru jacket was first worn by first Indian president Jawaharlal Nehru and was hip length tailored made for both men and women.

The modern form of this jacket is known as Sherwani which is still considered to be a decent dress in the Subcontinent. It was made in s but the real popularity was seen in s.

Bikini was also the product of this decade when it was made public in after it was used in a movie Beach Party especially for the teenage audience. It is two piece clothing covering the women breasts and the groin region which leaves uncovered area between the two garments.

Highlights of Male Fashion of the 1960s The lifestyle of the s American housewife — one devoted to and centered on the home — has been portrayed as mundane and borderline suffocating by many historians.

It is used as a swimsuit also where the women wear it for sun bathing and swimming. In 21st century it is considered as the most important wearing of women because of its usefulness during the swimming and picnics at the beach.

On the whole, the s is considered to the best part of the fashion industry in the 20th century. Many fashions were produced which then became the symbol of various social movements especially liberation for both women and youth.

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The resurgence of feminism across the United States in the s ushered in a series of changes to the status quo that still have an impact today. In the media, and in women’s personal situations, s feminists inspired unprecedented changes in the fabric of our society, changes with far-reaching economic, political, and cultural consequences.

In the s, the sweeping changes in fashion and lifestyle resulted in highly versatile fashion trends. In s, the traditional materials were exported in bulk to other nations. Thus, excess of export materials were sold within the country itself, which resulted in popularity of international fashion in India.

Fashion trends of the mid s I’m known as Senti (a nickname with a long history) and I am totally stuck in a s timewarp. I missed the s myself – being born in – but developed a love for this decade very early on, and now live in a s house decorated with the appropriate vintage wallpaper and furniture, wear mainly s clothes, am a self confessed knee-high boot addict.

Women’s fashion trends in the s swung wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. The early s were marked by box dresses and s fashions. In the mids, fashion began to take cues from London and the waistline reappeared. Essays on fashion trends in the s Essays on fashion trends in the s voulez vous essayer en anglais por spartan culture essay papers whakauae research paper methods of collecting data for a research paper.

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