Effect of deforestation on indigenous people

Logging is not necessarily bad for the forest! Indeed, recent studies show that orang-utans [4] as well as many other species [5] can survive in slightly logged forests or in forest exploited under sustainable practices. Recent analysis also shows that in Kalimantan, the deforestation rates are lower in commercial forest exploited for timber than in protected forests, showing the possible value of timber exploitation for forest conservation when sustainable practices were implemented seriously [6].

Effect of deforestation on indigenous people

If so, one asks, naturally, what happened to all these trees? Why do people cut down trees? The following are probable reasons: This has been seen both in Kenya and other parts of the world especially countries that have Agriculture as the backbone of their economy. Trees have been cut down to obtain land for cultivation of both subsistence and cash crops, both by governments and individuals.

Here, wood is cut down and burnt. People need jobs in order to provide for their daily needs.

Causes and consequences of deforestation in Ecuador. by Jefferson Mecham. Deforestation overview. Since the mid’s the leadership initiative in Ecuador has been unofficially assumed by the indigenous and rural people’s movement in alliance with environmental and other popular social organizations. They offer the only. Most of the world’s forests are on Indigenous Peoples’ lands and according to FAO, , some billion people rely on forests which include some 60 million indigenous peoples who are entirely dependent on forests for their livelihoods, food, medicines, building materials, and existence. Deforestation and Climate Change. Deforestation affects climate change on a large scale, as discussed in the sections above; however, climate change is not the only negative consequence of deforestation. There are many other ways in which deforestation has negative impacts to the environment. (2% of the 4% occupied by indigenous people.).

This is because, most people who cut down trees do not plant others in their place. Also, if all the above needs are to be met by cutting down of trees, even planting two for every tree cut will not prevent desertification.

This is because trees take so long to grow and mature, especially so for hard wood trees. Deforestation has the following dangers: Carbon sinks are huge stores of carbon, e.

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Deforestation makes soil prone to erosion by agents such as wind and water. The roots of trees hold the particles of soil together thus, preventing the fertile top soil from being carried away.

Apart from domesticated animals and marine and fresh water animals, all other animals need forests as their habitats. These forests do not only provide a place for the animals to roam day but also provide their food and act as a source of protection from predators through camouflage.

Some trees are used as herbs. Trees such as the Cinchona have been used as treatment against Malaria since time immemorial. Destruction of these forests leads to destruction of medicinal plants that could be used as treatment for various ailments.

Absence of these trees enables strong winds and or storms e. I write this in the wake of a Tsunami at the Indonesian coast where about people have just lost their lives.

Effect of deforestation on indigenous people

Hurricanes like Katrina are still fresh in our memories. I cannot over emphasize this point. Nature balances the flow of energy and nutrients. Forests plan a very vital role in these cycles e. Accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts as a blanket that traps long wave radiation of heat and prevents it from escaping the surface of the earth back into the atmosphere.

Effect of deforestation on indigenous people

This phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. The trapped radiation is converted into heat. This heat causes global warming. Destruction of forests also causes modification of climate of an area mostly leading to desertification and aridity.

What then should be recommended as solutions to these problems? We have reached such a critical point that to prevent the desertification of the world that many more trees need to be planted.

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Nature works as a whole cycle. This is seen not only in animals where predator and prey work together but also in the different energy and nutrient cycles. As already explained earlier, forests play a crucial role in this equation.

Deforestation also affects indigenous people, both physically and culturally. Because many indigenous people actually have no legal rights to the land on which they live, governments that want to use the forest for profit can actually "evict" them. The Trump Effect. North Korea Revealed. Imprisoned in Myanmar. indigenous people in southern India have won a prestigious award for their bean, which they farm while fighting deforestation. Displacement of indigenous communities: Some indigenous people’s may of life and survival are threatened by the loss of forests. Fewer trees results an in secure future for forests workers.

The knowledge of how to conserve.May 06,  · Deforestation's Effects on Indigenous People Jessica It is an undeniable fact that the destruction of the Amazon rainforest has a . Some people have been critical of indigenous peoples’ treatment of the environment, noting examples such as the deforestation of Easter Island or the disappearance of large animals from parts of America and Australia caused by native people.

In addition to providing habitats for hundreds of indigenous groups on five continents, they probably contain more than 3 million species of plants and animals.

For some 2 billion people in developing countries (80 percent of all households), it costs nearly as much to heat their cooking bowls as to fill them. THE U.S.

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AND DEFORESTATION. Feb 06,  · Basically, for any indigenous people who are dependent on forests, deforestation can cause these people to lose their land, their culture, their livelihood, and their lives. beansofdeath · Status: Resolved. Nov 27,  · The topics that will be covered include: the spatial scale of the issue, the cause of deforestation in Honduras, the negative effects it has on the country, how it affects the wildlife, how it affects the indigenous people of Honduras, specifics of the problem, the larger consequences and solutions to the issue.

Effects on the Indigenous People Deforestation affects indigenous people culturally and physically. The endless human expedition to conquer the forests by cutting down trees for various economic purposes has evicted indigenous people from their habitats.

Implications of Deforestation in Brazil: Deforestation's Effects on Indigenous People