Coat of arms project

This means that you can create a different custom family coat of arms, family crest, or mantel that is different than the one that we have in our records. Some surnames have more than one blazon of arms, so we are giving our genealogy friends this option. The Pictures to the side is a few of the samples we have to offer.

Coat of arms project

Christopher le Stocks, and emigrated to Charlestown.

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This is a reproduction of a seal with the signature of Francis Norton. Seal of Francis Norton Sr. It was antiently the property and residence of the family of Norton, to whom it gave name; and in the south windows of this church there were formerly the essigies of Stephen Norton, who lived in king Richard II.

Gules, upon a bend sable, three wassail bowls, or; which coat was likewise depicted in the south windows of Sutton church. But the partitions inherent to gavelkind, so diminished the patrimony of this family, that in the reign of queen Elizabeth, and afterwards, they were obliged to sell off several parts of it at different times, all which came at length into the possession of Sir Ed ward Hales, created a baronet inwhose grandson and heir of the same name in purchased of the two coheirs of the family of Norton, married to Denne and Underwood, the seat itself, with the remainder of the land belonging to it, by Coat of arms project fine then levied by them and their husbands for that purpose.

His trustees about the yearconveyed it, with the manor of Sutton Valence and Chart before-mentioned, and sundry other premises, to Sir William Drake, of Amersham, with which it was in like manner sold, about the yearto Sir Christopher Desbouverie, whose daughter, Mrs.

Elizabeth Bouverie, of Teston, after the death of her two brothers, and a partition of her father's estates between herself and her sister, is now entitled to it. In the reign of Elizabeth there were five guilds in Maidstone viz the artificers the victuallers the drapers the mercers and the cordwainers Stephen Norton of a family anciently seated at Norton Place Chart Sutton belonged to the Maidstone guild of artificers in The ancient arms of the Norton family of Chart Sutton, near Maidstone, Kent, are agent, a chevron between three crescents azure.

Strangely they are recorded in pedigrees and Visitations outside the county of Kent, firstly in the Middlesex Pedigrees collected by Richard Mundy in Harleian Ms. Dating from this includes a quartering of the Norton arms which the Iden family inherited and passed on to their descendants, one of whom was the poet, P.

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During the fifteenth century the Nortons continued to play a significant part in local affairs: By the early seventeenth century the senior branch was ruined through the partition of their lands according to the peculiarly Kentish law of gavelkind, though a cadet branch achieved a baronetcy in the person of Sir Gregory Norton Although rewarded with the former royal palace of Sheen, it was restored to the Crown at the Restoration; whilst his son, Sir Henry Norton, a Royalist, was disinherited by his father and died in obscurity, when the baronetcy is presumed to have become extinct.

It is at this time that the Norton crest first appears in the Visitation of Berkshire, being described as out of a ducal coronet azure, a demi-lion rampant, double queued, argent.

After the lapse in the use of arms for so many generations suitable differences were required as marks of cadency. This is often done by the alteration or reversal of colours or by the transposition or substitution of charges, though still enabling the original arms to be recognisable.

It will be seen that the grant is a reversal of colours and metals with the substitution of gold for silver and of bells for two of the crescents, but is still clearly recognisable as the arms of Norton ancient. In the crest the Kings of Arms have again replaced silver with gold and reversed the sequence of colours and metals, differencing the double-tailed demi-lion by giving him a golden bell.

The introduction of the bells is an allusion to the three surviving bells of Stephen Norton the bell founder and also provides a link between shield and crest which was not previously there.quick “Google” search will yield all sorts of examples of Coats of Arms to show your students.

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This project is also a great way to introduce some new vocabulary to students. Personal Coat of Arms Heraldic Animals Bear - Protectiveness Bee - Industriousness Camel - Perseverance Dog - Loyalty.

A Coat of Arms was the image, icon or “herald” of each family back in medieval times. Families would choose symbols and colors that held certain meanings for their history and reputation, and these would appear on their clothing, banners, shields, crests, and other important objects.

Colors were. River-god Achelous, Athenian red-figure krater C5th B.C., Musée du Louvre AKHELOIOS (Achelous) was a River-God of Aitolia (Aetolia) in central Greece.

Coat of arms project

As the deity of the largest river in the region he was often portrayed as the god of fresh-water in general. The Coat of Arms is based on the tradition of families or knights who have a shield that identifies to the world who they are.

The symbols included on the Pope’s shield show to the world the special devotions of the Bishop or Rome.

Coat of arms project

Free to view your coat of arms family crest, shield also known as a symbol, design, pattern, tartan, picture, template or tattoo.

We display worldwide graphics with. Personal Coat of Arms Students create their personal Coat of Arms based on the traditional colors and symbols of heraldry.

quick “Google” search will yield all sorts of examples of Coats of Arms to show your students. This project is also a great way to introduce some new vocabulary to students.

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