Brubaker movie

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Brubaker movie

In order to see the alleged rampant corruption at the prison first-hand, he arrives disguised as a prisoner. For about two weeks, he sees abuse of the prisoners from both guards and other prisoners, sexual assault, torture, worm-ridden food, and corruption and graft from the staff.

Once he reveals his identity, he begins to implement reforms that will improve the human rights of the prisoners and bring an end to the long-time use of the prisoners as slave labor to the local businesses. With the assistance of several long-term prisoners, his initial attempts at reform are successful.

These include the banning of assaulting the prisoners, giving Brubaker movie real food to eat and teaching them how to grow their own crops, and ridding the prison of contracts from corrupt businesses. However, Brubaker is getting resistance from not only the local businesses that rely on the prison to make their money, but also from the state prison board.

They're losing kickback money from the businesses because Brubaker is no longer allowing them to use the prisoners as workers.

The board threatens to fire Brubaker unless he eases off of his reforms and allows the use of the prisoners as workers again. One day, Brubaker learns of the location of hundreds of unmarked graves of prisoners.

After the bodies are exhumed, it's quickly determined that they were murdered by the guards and other prisoners and the bodies were hidden. One of the guards, fearing he will be tied to some of the deaths, tries to escape custody, but is killed by Brubaker in a shootout in the nearby town.

This shootout is the excuse the prison board uses to fire Brubaker and hire a new warden, who promises to return things at the prison back to the way they used to be.

As Brubaker is leaving the prison for the final time, all of the prisoners turn away from the new warden who is lecturing them in the courtyard and give Brubaker a long ovation.

At the very end of the movie, it's revealed that, two years after Brubaker was fired, some of the prisoners sued the prison. The judge ruled that the treatment of the prisoners at Wakefield was unconstitutional and ordered the prison to be reformed or closed.Watch Brubaker Full Movie Online, Watch Brubaker Online Free Streaming Categories on Brubaker Online Free Putlocker - Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download available to watch online for all internet users.

Brubaker movie

Brubaker was an astronaut who turned mad on a distant planet while studying the Monolith, leading to his suicide. While working at NASA in , Brubaker was offered the chance to join a team in going through a portal created by the Monolith and learning to where it transported them.

Brubaker. Posing as an inmate at a small Arkansas prison, the new warden of the penitentiary, Henry Brubaker (Robert Redford), witnesses firsthand the corruption and abuse inflicted upon the prisoners by.

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Watch Brubaker free for 7 days. Also, enjoy hundreds of other blockbusters and obsessable Originals Series from STARZ. Nov 07,  · I do not know how many have seen the movie “Brubaker”, starring Robert Redford, but I witnessed a similarity between Freemasonry and the tone of the movie.


In "Brubaker" (), Robert Redford is a reform-minded warden who is incarcerated at an Arkansas jail in order to uncover rampant corruption and abuse on the part of prison officials. Directed by.

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