An examination of the rap album yeezus by kanye west

Pablo Picasso famously said: But to only label Yeezus as an act of self-mutilation would be lazy. But we should applaud Mr.

An examination of the rap album yeezus by kanye west

This opening song is comprised of aggressively minimalistic techno sounds with intermittent soul samples providing brief respites from the onslaught of noise, thus creating a platform for the cognitive dissonance that is a major theme throughout this album, an inherent contradiction resulting from the uncanny elements of Yeezus, where Kanye combines that which is familiar with that which is not, creating a uniquely repulsive, yet beautiful experience that simultaneously draws us in and pushes us away.

He consistently refers to himself in the album as a god and star, as well as a genius. Although it would be easy to jump on the bandwagon of condemning Dr.

West for making such braggadocian statements, it is necessary to take into account that he is saying this as a black man in America, a rapper no less, whose genius is constantly being downplayed and whose accomplishments are frequently being negated for no other reason than his status as a black rapper in a white, racist and repressive society.

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So too, Kanye is narcissistic as a response to the lack of validation and recognition he receives for his work in order to affirm his identity and self-worth in a culture that downplays his worth and refuses to acknowledge his genius. These screams are familiar to the human unconscious as they are manifestations of primitively innate Id impulses.

They are, however, unfamiliar on a conscious level, where we do not understand their primordial nature. West, which once again feel almost human in a familiar way, yet distant and unfamiliar at the same time.

Both songs employ these screams to create an intentionally uncanny sensation for the listener. The use of unintelligible lyrics is prevalent throughout Yeezus in several different forms.

Although the lyrics are recognizable as English, the content of the lyrics is not something that can easily be deciphered. Our familiarity with the sound of words only adds to the strange feeling produced by not being able to understand them.

In a key passage, Freud quotes a long extract from the German philosopher Schelling, who repeatedly uses the term unheimlich and concludes: According to him, everything is unheimlich that ought to have remained secret and hidden but has come to light.

The liquor referenced in the song serves as a metaphor for his outspokenness and his attempted self-censorship. For most of the song, he maintains the concealed and visible aspects of himself hand-in-hand, both being a reality for him and neither negating the other.

West attempts to relate to his listeners throughout the album, but to no avail. He opens a window into his life for his fans to look into, yet it ultimately distances them from him, despite his best efforts to establish a connection.

This is also a sentiment echoed by many people today, yet the way he actually rebels through talking about his tremendous capitalist success is once again unrelatable and even alienating to almost everyone. A significant theme in Yeezus is Dr. He criticizes capitalism, but does so from the perspective of a successful capitalist with no interest in eradicating it, which, by nature, makes it uncanny, as he provides a familiar opinion with an unfamiliar twist which makes it rather unnerving.

He is, however, one of the foremost proponents of consumerism, successful in thanks to it. His anti-establishment lyrics are uncanny specifically due to the fact that he is still part of the establishment, no matter how excluded he is for being a black rapper.

An examination of the rap album yeezus by kanye west

Kanye opens himself up, revealing the extent of his manic narcissism, a necessary response to his constantly being undermined by society for being an African-American rapper. He includes intentionally uncanny elements all around, designed to create an uncomfortable feeling within the listener.While doing press for his own album, G.O.O.D.

Music president Pusha-T suggested Kanye West was able to capture the essence of Nas’ greatest moments, and inspire the rapper to recreate that. s & Heartbreak is the fourth studio album by American hip hop producer and vocalist Kanye West. It was released on November 24, , by Roc-A-Fella Records.

West recorded the album during September and October at Glenwood Studios in Burbank, California and Avex Recording Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, with the help of producers No I.D Genre: Electropop, art pop, R&B, synthpop, experimental pop.

Kanye West began his early production career in the mids, the last Goodie Mob album to feature the rap group's four founding members prior to their break-up, Yeezus, West's sixth album, was released June 18, , to rave reviews from critics.

It Born: June 8, (age 41), Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Yeezus is the sixth studio album by American rapper Kanye West.

An examination of the rap album yeezus by kanye west

It was released on June 18, , by Def Jam Recordings. [1] West gathered a number of artists and close collaborators for production on the album, including Mike Dean, Daft Punk, Noah Goldstein, Arca, Hudson Mohawke, and Travis Hip hop, industrial rap, punk rap, experimental, alternative rap.

The likely "single" from an album with no singles, "Black Skinhead" was premiered on Saturday Night Live and is the track to know from the set. "I Am a . Ye is an honest and deeply human examination of distress and resilience. Despite the record’s difficult content, it’s meditative 7 tracks represent Kanye’s first step on the road to emotional healing/5(57).

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